料號: EKM476M2EI25RR 產品品牌: 萬裕(SAMXON)
額定電壓: 250V 紋波電流: 238mA
電容量: 47μF 公差: ±20%
直徑: 12.5mm 高度: 25mm
壽命: 2000H 貼裝形式: 插件型(THT)
包裝方式: 散裝

  • Rated working voltage range 6.3 to 100V DC / 160 to 450V DC at operation temperature range -40 to +105°C / -25 to +105°C.
  • This series is recommended to use for communication equipments, switching power supply, industrial measuring instruments, automotive electric products, etc.